Up, Down or Somewhere in Between

This is definitely up there with one of the most asked questions when you begin your wedding journey. What way will you wear your hair?! Ahhh!

Are you, up, down or somewhere in between? Or are you somewhere, where you haven’t a clue? And if you are, that’s ok.  This blog is for you! 

Where To Begin

Start by asking yourself how you would wear your hair if you were a wedding guest, or going on a night out with the girls (remember them😥) it’s usually an easier question to answer, than asking yourself the same thing as the bride.

Don’t overthink it, easier said than done, I know! But try to think of the times you had your hair professionally styled and you felt comfortable and confident. You could try looking back at photos of yourself from previous events, where you know you loved your hair! Sometimes this can be more helpful than trying to search for inspiration on other people.

Your wedding day is not the time to try out something new or be different. You want to feel and look like you, the really really good you.

Your personal style along with your dress will also help to guide you in the right direction when choosing your hairstyle, I believe that no one element should be the deciding factor. And that everything should compliment each other on the day.

Your Hair Type 

A big factor when it comes to choosing your perfect style is your hair type.

  1. Do you have fine or thick hair?
  2. Would you say the texture of your hair is smooth or coarse?
  3. Does your hair hold a curl well? 

These are all questions you need to ask yourself when thinking of your wedding day hair. You may need a little help from some clip in hair extensions to achieve your desired style.

But don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all these questions, that’s where I  come in!

These are all the things I will talk you through at your trial and advise you on what style I think will best compliment your hair type along with your own personal style. We will also chat about the use of  hair extensions and whether they may be beneficial in achieving your dream hair.

Hair extensions can really add the wow factor, especially when you are opting for a down style.  

In particular a Hollywood wave. Almost every bride who opts for the Hollywood wave uses hair extensions.

I have a little highlight saved to my Instagram ‘Hair Extensions’ where I show the difference adding some clip-in extensions to my own hair has! Not to mention some added extra benefits If you want to know more check out the highlight and I will chat you through it all. Trust me the difference is unreal! 

All in one place 

It’s always a good idea to create a separate album for all your hair inspiration, by having all your favourite images saved to one place, it’s much easier to see a reoccurring style emerge. 

But before you start searching, I want you to try something…  I want you to search for ‘bridal hair’.  Do you notice how most of the images are predominantly on lighter hair? 

The few we see on darker hair almost always have some lighter tones throughout. 

As a general rule lighter multi-tonal hair will always show off texture better, as you have highs and lows within the hair, that create depth and contrast. Notice how hair colour can change a style! This is why it’s always helpful to search for styles in a similar colour to your own, it gives you a more realistic idea of how the style will look in your own hair. 

As soon as you start to see a little vibe going on within your gallery, you will now easily be able to distinguish between whether you like more of a textured finish or you may be leaning towards a sleeker style with added structure. It also makes things a lot easier at your trial and saves you scrolling through hundreds of images and screenshots (no not that one… oh that’s my dog,  isn’t he cute 😊). Writing this is definitely making me miss all those moments ❤️

You should now have a clearer idea of what you may like and this helps you to get the most benefit out of your trial 


  • Don’t overthink it
  • Do what makes you feel comfortable and confident
  • Keep images all in one place
  • Let your stylist guide you in the right direction 

Hope this has helped if you were someone who was feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s only hair (hair that I will make gorgeous 😉) 

Niamh x