How to Find the Perfect Bridal Hair Stylist

Starting your search:

So where do you start in the search for your bridal stylist?

Word of mouth is probably the best form of advertisement, so asking your friends and work colleagues for recommendations is a great way to start – “my friend had Niamh from I Do Hair and she was amazing”.

We all use social media, in particular Instagram, so searching hashtags or popular wedding venues in locations will help you in your search for the perfect stylist. You will instantly know by looking at a stylist’s work on their Instagram if they have the same vibe as you and if you would make a good match! And remember photos over followers, I must admit I’m a bit guilty of this!

“They have more followers they must be better” which is not always the case I have a small following but I’m more than confident my work is just as good as someone with a larger following! If you like someone’s work there is no disputing that, regardless of how many followers they have.

In my opinion, word of mouth is the winner in helping you find your bridal stylist. That and reviews on social media. Reviews are great because they always give a little insight into the stylist’s personality, because let’s face it you want someone who’s good at hair but also brings a nice energy to your wedding morning, more often than not we are the start to your wedding day! Do not be afraid to ask your stylist questions before committing to a booking!

Like have they worked with your particular hair type before, are they confident with a certain style, what timings do they allow on the morning. They will be more than happy to help and this further instils confidence in your choice of stylist (…if they give the right answers, of course). 

Choosing your stylist is as unique to you as choosing your wedding dress is. Like dresses, there is a stylist to suit everyone. Choose somebody to suit your style and you won’t go wrong! 

Preparing for your big day:

As your big day draws closer it’s time to organise your trial. I would recommend a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your big day, where possible this allows enough time if some clip in hair extensions are needed to achieve your ideal hair, or maybe a change of hair accessory to compliment the style. The majority of bridal stylist are qualified hairdressers and all have experience within a salon environment, they will give you all the advice you need on how to look after your hair in the leadup to your big day and also how to prep for your trial. 

I always say to my brides to wear a white top with a similar neckline to their dress, if they have one. Bring your veil hair accessories, earrings bring it all, I want to see it! Your trial is SOOO important, firstly it’s so nice to meet after many emails back and forth, but your trial is where all those inspo photos come to life!

I would recommend saving all your inspo photos to one place, this will help you to recognise your style, as you will start to see a reoccurring style emerge.

Getting the most out of your trial:

Your trial is just that, a trial, it’s about finding out what works and what doesn’t, whether you like volume or you don’t, do you like a smooth finish or are you all about the texture. Trust your stylist and let them advise you on what will work best for you and your hair type. Which leads me to… being realistic. Your inspiration or inspo photos are just that, no two heads of hair are the same and no two stylists will work the same, but they will use your inspo photos to give you a style unique to yourself. This unique style to you may one day be someone else’s inspo photo.

Communication is key at a trial. If you’re not feeling a style say it! We won’t take offence it actually makes our job easier in guiding us to what you do like. Personally, I like to allow 1 hour 30 mins for a trial. During this time, we will trial 3 looks, it’s all about finding the right shape, style and finish and perfecting this on the day where I allow myself the same amount of time to create your chosen style. If possible, leave your hair in the style when leaving your trial and take note of how well it lasts. This will help with perfecting it on your big day. 

The Most Common questions I get asked by Clients are; “What are other brides doing? What is the most popular style?”. To which I always say “Try not to worry about what other brides are doing just do you and what makes you feel amazing”. 

I hope this gives all you brides to be a little insight from the stylist’s point of view and that some of these tips are helpful in your search for your dream bridal stylist.  

Enjoy the build-up,
(Your dream Bridal Stylist)